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Autumnal Arrangements

Lush colors paint a floral image of fall

Some people enjoy creating their own floral arrangements, while others work with a florist to design them. Either way, it helps to develop an idea of your preferred floral design before you begin. These lush fall arrangements can inspire you or provide an example for your florist to follow.

carestep1.GIF (120 bytes) Parrot tulips and ‘Pink mink’ protea combine with blushing leucodendron, ‘Leonidas’ roses and stems of dichelostemma. Cream roses, fuchsia anemones and rosy pears work with dark eucalyptus and budded star jasmine vine to add interest.
carestep2.GIF (144 bytes) Bronze lophomyrtus create a strong horizontal line as a mass of ‘Enchantment’ lilies, gerberas, safflowers and gourds seemingly float above the table in a footed pedestal. Autumn leaves of liquid- ambar and micromini chrysanthemums complete the feel.

carestep3.GIF (153 bytes) ‘Leonidas’ roses, cottoneaster berries and seeded eucalyptus harmonize with the deep-rust centers of sunflowers to create a stunning complement in an elegant yet casual bouquet housed in a striated bamboo container.

Reprinted by permission from Floral Retailing magazine.

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