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Wedding Expenses Checklist

Wedding Expenses Checklist
There are many expenses associated with a wedding. By custom, some fall to the bride or her family. Others, to the groom or his family. Keeping it all straight can be a real challenge--even for florists! Here is an example of a traditional budget. Keep in mind that times have changed, many couples are paying for their own weddings or have some other method worked out between the families. The list below is a guide.
The Bride  Wedding ring for groom
Wedding gift for groom
Wedding Consultant
Presents for the bridal attendants
Personal Stationery
Accommodations for out-of-town maid of honor and bride's attendants
Her physical exam/blood tests
The Groom  Wedding ring for the bride
Wedding gift for the bride
The marriage license
Gifts for the best man, groomsmen, and ushers
Bride's bouquet, bride's going-away corsage, mothers' corsages, and boutonnieres for all men in the wedding party
Accommodations for out-of-town best man, groomsmen, and ushers
His physical exam/blood tests
Fee for the clergy
The honeymoon
Optional: The Bachelor Dinner
The Bride's Family  The engagement party
The reception, including the food, wedding cake, beverages, decorations, music, flowers, and gratuities for the bartenders and waiters
Wedding gift for the newly weds
Wedding invitations, announcements, and mailing costs
Bride's wedding attire/trousseau
Engagement and wedding photography
The ceremony, including rental of the sanctuary;fees for the organist, soloist or choir, and sexton; aisle carpets/runners and/or canopy/ music;flowers; and any additional costs for decorations
Bridesmaids' bouquets
Parking costs, coat-check fees, gratuities for traffic attendants
Transportation for the bridal party, both to the wedding ceremony and from the ceremony to the reception
Bridesmaids' luncheon
Wedding albums
Videographer's fee
Personalized napkins, matchbooks, and guest towels
The Groom's Family  Clothes for the wedding
Their travel expenses
Wedding gift for the newlyweds
The rehearsal dinner and any other expenses they elect to assume
The Maid of Honor  Her travel expenses
Wedding attire
Wedding gift for the newlyweds
The Best Man  His travel expenses
Wedding attire
Wedding gift for the newlyweds
The Attendants  Their individual travel expenses
Wedding attire
Wedding gift for the newlyweds
The Groomsmen and Ushers  Their individual travel expenses
Wedding attire
Wedding gift for the newlyweds
Guests  Their individual travel expenses
Wedding gift for the newlyweds

Wedding Flowers Worksheet
After you've set the date and picked your color scheme, contact your professional local
flower shop for a consultation. Floral decorations at weddings can range from simple to extraordinary; the choice is up to you. Your florist will guide you, but the worksheet below is a helpful place to start.
Personal Flowers
Bride Gown______________________________
Bouquet Design______________________ Flowers_____________________________
Hairpiece__________________________ Other_______________________________
Attendants (Total # ____) Gowns_____________________________
Honor Attendant_____________________ Other Attendants (#______) _____________
Junior Attendant (Age______) __________ ___________________________________
Other _____________________________ Hairpieces (#______) __________________
Flower Girl (Age______) _______________ Dress ______________________________
Flowers & Design _____________________ Hairpiece ___________________________
Other ______________________________
Boutonnieres: Groom ___________________
Groomsmen & Ushers (#______) __________ Fathers (#______) ___________________
Grandfather(s)_________________________ Ring Bearer ________________________
Other (Soloist, etc.) ____________________
Coursages: Bride's Mother ______________ Groom's Mother ____________________
___________________________________ Grandmother(s) ____________________
Sister(s) ____________________________ Aunt(s) ___________________________
Guest Book Attendant _________________ Going Away _______________________
Other (Soloist, etc.) __________________ Grandmother(s) ____________________
Church Decorations
Altar Arrangement(s) ____________________________________________________________
Standing Arrangement(s) ________________________________________________________
Candelabra ___________________________________________________________________
Aisle Runner - Type & Length _____________________________________________________
Pew Trims (#_______) Type ______________________________________________________
Ribbon _______________________________________________________________________
Unity Candelabra _______________________________________________________________
Mother's Roses _________________________________________________________________
For Catholic Services - Blessed Virgin, St. Joseph or Rosary? _____________________________
Reception Decorations
# of Guests _______ Guests Per Table _______ Table size ___ Room _______
Table Centerpieces (#______) ___________________________________________________
Head Table No. of People (# ______)
Centerpieces ________________________________________________________________
Head Table Garland, Nosegays or Candelabra ______________________________________
Cake Top and/or Knife __________________________________________________________
Cake Table Pieces (Punch, Guest Card, Buffet, Sweet, etc.) _____________________________
Toss Bouquet ________________________________________________________________
Other Decorations (Entrance, etc.) ________________________________________________
Delivery Information
Church Flowers to: ___________________________________________________
Phone: ___________ By: _______AM/PM
Personal Flowers to: _______________________________________________________
Phone: ___________ By: _______AM/PM
Reception Flowers to: _________________________________________________
Phone: ___________ By: _______AM/PM
Is there a wedding at your church earlier in the day? _______
Is there a party in the room earlier in the day? _______
Special Instructions/Pick-up Info: __________________________________________
Sources: Modern Bride Magazine, AFS, Phillip's Flowers

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