Phillip's 1-800-FLORALS Virtual Flowers & Cards is a free service offered to our internet guests. It has proved to be a reliable and popular service with many thousands of visitors each day. However, we assume no liability for its use, for Virtual Gifts left after the four week pick-up period, or for problems caused by online services or by internet access difficulties. Similarly, we make no claims that it will work with every available computer hardware and software configuration.

how To Pick Up Virtual Flowers & Cards

If you are having difficulty picking up your free Virtual Gift we suggest the following:

  • Confirm that the e-mail notification you received was from 1-800-Florals Virtual Gifts <virtual @>. If not, you have accessed the wrong site.

  • Read the notification instructions carefully. A pick-up is made by going to the page at and locating the entry box found in he Pick-Up Virtual Gift section.

  • If your pick-code was not automatically entered when you clicked on the link in your e-mail notification, then enter the pick-up number exactly as it appears in your notification including any capitalization. For accuracy's sake, we recommend that you highlight the pick-up number in your notification message and then copy and paste it into the pick-up screen. Your Virtual Gift will be displayed.

  • The pick-up number will always be a two or three digit number, a hyphen, another number and your e-mail name. Example, 205-134flwrlvr. The name will always be in lower case letters.

  • If you need additional help, please see the information below.

Difficulty Accessing Our Site?

Visitors may occasionally experience temporary difficulty in reaching our site due to its popularity or internet traffic. If you encounter this problem, please try again later. Virtual Gifts are available online for four weeks.

Possible Non-Delivery?

Our Free Virtual Gift service is automated. So, if the recipient did not receive an e-mail notification to pick up his/her Virtual Gift, it's probably because of an invalid (or mistyped) e-mail address or a delay or non-delivery on the part of the recipient's e-mail system. Often the best thing to do is to send a Virtual Gift to yourself -- as a test. Then, try sending one to the recipient again, but remember to double-check the e-mail addresses you enter for the recipient AND yourself. Both should be exact and complete (e.g.,

Delivery Delays to AOL Users

Due to its email volume, AOL may have to occasionally limit or delay e-mail messages from the Internet to its users. If your Virtual Gift was sent to someone at and you typed their e-mail address correctly but they have not yet received the automatic notification from our server, it is probably due to a mail handling delay at AOL and the message should get through within one or two days.

Viewing the Image with AOL's Browser

If you're using AOL's built-in browser for version 3.0 for Windows and can pick up your message but cannot view your Virtual Gifts image, it may due to your AOL web browser settings. After you've gone to our web site, click on the PREFS button above the viewing window. Choose the setting that says "uncompressed graphics." Then, click on the ADVANCED button on the next screen. Then, click on the Purge Cache button. If this doesn't take care of things, talk to the experts at America Online technical support. Their phone number is 1-800-827-3338.

If Four Weeks Have Already Passed

Sorry, but after four weeks, Virtual Gift messages are automatically removed from our free service. (Many virtual sites remove messages after only 7 days.) For the sake of privacy to our visitors, we don't keep any information about senders, recipients or card messages. So, if necessary, please contact the sender and ask him/her to resend your message or tell you about it.

AOL Users: "Internet Explorer Cannot Locate Site"

AOL Users: If you receive the message that "Internet Explorer cannot locate site" during a pickup or send submission, it is almost always caused by problems with access on AOL's side, please try again later.

Mac Users: Difficulty Using "Pick Up" Button

If you are on a Macintosh computer and have difficulty picking up a virtual gift, you may need to update your system or browser software. In the meantime, after entering your pick-up code, try using the TAB key on your keyboard to get to the "Pick Up" button. Then, hit ENTER / RETURN. This method seems to work for others and may also be a helpful technique for you on other sites.

Misplaced Your Pick-Up Number?

To protect your privacy we do not record the names or e-mail addresses of our visitors and as a result we cannot provide such information and are unable to help in the case of a misplaced pick-up number for Virtual Gifts. Only the sender and the recipient of Virtual Gifts are notified of a pick-up number.

Problems Printing Your Virtual Gift

Some Netscape users report problems with Netscape not displaying our pages correctly or crashing when they they try to print their Virtual Gift. This between Windows and Netscape and we can only suggest using a newer browser for the best results.

Further Assistance by E-Mail

If you need additional help, please send us a copy of your original e-mail notification by pulling it up in your mail program and forwarding it to Remember to add a note describing the problem that you are having picking up your Virtual Gift. We review our Virtual Gifts e-mail every morning Monday-Saturday and respond as soon as possible, usually the same day. However, this may take several days during peak floral periods such as the week before Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.

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