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International Flowers
Florist Delivery Outside the USA & Canada

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For deliveries outside the 50 U.S. states and Canada, simply select from the items below. The professional florists in our worldwide network are experts at designing and delivering the most suitable gifts in their locales. So, while items will vary due to availability and local customs, you can be sure that your gift will be prepared to full value and appropriate for the recipient's area. (For delivery within the 50 U.S. states and Canada, see Flowers by Product or Flowers by Occasion.)

International flower delivery is available to most major metropolitan areas in the world -- except those listed below -- with delivery normally within 2 to 3 days, excluding Sundays, local holidays, and peak periods. At peak periods, such as Christmas, Valentine's, Easter, and Mother's Day weeks, please order at least 3 to 4 days in advance (excluding Sundays and holidays). Applicable tax and service will be shown in your Shopping Cart before you order. Prices in U.S. dollars.

IMPORTANT: International floral deliveries are NO LONGER GUARANTEED BY VALENTINE'S DAY and will arrive later in most areas.

Delivery is NOT available to: AFGHANISTAN, AZERBAIJAN, BELARUS (other than Minsk), CAMEROON, CHINA, the CONGO, CUBA, ESTONIA, GEORGIA, GHANA, HAITI, IRAQ, LATVIA, KAZAKHSTAN, MOLDOVA, NIGERIA, ROMANIA, RUSSIA (other than St. Petersburg and Moscow), SENEGAL, SYRIA, TUNISIA, the UKRAINE (other than Kiev), some other areas of the former Soviet Union, and YEMEN.

International - Fancy Pink and White Bouquet
International - Fancy Pink and White Bouquet #INTQX
($75 as shown)
International - Abundance of Red Roses
International - Abundance of Red Roses #INTSX
$200 - $220 - $240
($220 as shown)
International - Mixed Color Roses
International - Mixed Color Roses #INTCX
$100 - $110 - $120
($110 as shown)
International - Roses
International - Roses #INTRX
$100 - $110 - $120
($110 as shown)
International - Funeral Flowers
International - Funeral Flowers #INTFX
$100 - $125 - $150
(Order Today!)
International - Fancy Pastel Arrangement
International - Fancy Pastel Arrangement #INTPX
$80 - $90 - $100
(Order Today!)
International - Colorful Fresh Arrangement
International - Colorful Fresh Arrangement #INTAX
$80 - $90 - $100
($80 as shown)
International - Pink, Lavender and White Bouquet
International - Pink, Lavender and White Bouquet #INTMX
$65 - $75 - $85
($75 as shown)
International - Pink and White Mixed Bouquet
International - Pink and White Mixed Bouquet #INTVX
$65 - $70 - $80
($70 as shown)
International - Fancy Pink and White Bouquet
International - Fancy Pink and White Bouquet #INTQX
$65 - $75 - $85
($75 as shown)
International - White Mixed Flowers Bouquet
International - White Mixed Flowers Bouquet #INTWX
$65 - $75 - $85
($75 as shown)
International  Pink, Yellow and White Bouquet
International Pink, Yellow and White Bouquet #INTDX
$60 - $65 - $75
($65 as shown)
International - Orange and Yellow Mixed Bouquet
International - Orange and Yellow Mixed Bouquet #INTOX
$60 - $65 - $75
($65 as shown)
International - Yellow and White Mixed Bouquet
International - Yellow and White Mixed Bouquet #INTLX
$60 - $65 - $75
($65 as shown)
International - Blooming Plant Gift
International - Blooming Plant Gift #INTUX
$55 - $60 - $70
($60 as shown)
International - Mixed Flowers Bouquet
International - Mixed Flowers Bouquet #INTBX
$55 - $60 - $70
($60 as shown)
International - Green Plant Gift
International - Green Plant Gift #INTGX
$50 - $55 - $65
($55 as shown)

Our international florist network delivers to most population centers of over 140 countries throughout the free world, including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, the Caribbean, Chile, Columbia, Denmark, Egypt, the Far East, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, and most other nations. International flowers orders are designed and delivered by local florists based on pricing, availability, and appropriate styles in their particular regions.


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