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Our florist delivered gifts are available throughout the 49 Continental U.S. states and Canada to all locations served by local florists, with same-day delivery normally available in most areas Monday through Saturday on orders received by 11:00 am in the recipient's time zone (excluding holidays and peak floral periods). Otherwise, next-day delivery is the norm. So, for best results, please order one or more days in advance, if possible. Note that product substitutions of equal value may be necessary in some cases, some deliveries may be rescheduled by one day when necessary, and deliveries are NOT available in Hawaii or areas impacted by extreme weather conditions. Volume discounts are available! For delivery in other countries, see International Flowers. Prices in U.S. dollars.

Living Plants: Nature's Perfect Gift

Plants and planters are always a great gift because they are thoughtful, personal, natural, long-lasting, and great in any home or office. Our network of florists offers a wonderful variety of beautiful flowering and green plants, with same-day and next-day delivery available throughout most of the USA and Canada. So, sending potted plants is easy with our plant delivery service. You can order plants online or by phone. Each of our plant gifts is individually selected for the best seasonal value, hand-decorated for that special touch, then hand delivered for superior quality and care. We handle all the details, for virtually every occasion and sentiment. With 1-800-FLORALS, you can send plants to friends, business associates, and loved ones near or far with ease and the confidence that your living gift will be healthy, beautiful, and ready to enjoy.

How to Order Plants Online

Simply browse our selection of plants and planters to select the plant gift of your choice. Once you select the best plant option for your sentiment, complete our easy online order form or call us toll-free. Remember to include a personal message for the recipient that will accompany your green or blooming plant gift. Just a few words to say thanks, feel better, or I love you are all it takes to make your gift extra special. That's it! Your gift will be individually designed and delivered on the day of your choosing.

Plant Gifts Delivered

Whether it's a spectacular floor plant, colorful flowering plant or attractive dish garden basket, a plant gift delivered to the door of a friend, loved one, or business associate is a perfect gift idea for any and all occasions. Living houseplants complement any room, help purify the air, and add beauty to any surroundings. Plants are always a thoughtful expression of caring and a great way to stay connected with others, too. And, at, we have a variety of wonderful low maintenance plants from which to choose. To order plants online for delivery almost anywhere, simply select from our seasonal plant gifts above. Your thoughtful gesture is sure to be enjoyed and appreciated for days or even weeks to come.

How to Choose the Best Plant Gift

The best plants for gifting are low maintainence, have lot's of lucious leaves or beautiful blooms, and complement the recipient's personality or decor. Popular indoor green plants include a wide array of spathiphyllum (peace lily), palm, fern, dracena, pothos, schefflera, croton, dieffenbachia, ficus, and bromeliade varieties. Popular blooming plants include azaleas, hydrangeas, kalanchoes, cyclamen, orchids, and bulb plants. Of course, at Christmas poinsettias are always a favorite, and Easter lilies are popular throughout Easter Week, too. But, with the exception of those holiday favorites, don't get too hung up on the particular variety, because the best plant values vary by season and region. Instead, let our florists pick the best blooming plant, green plant, or combination planter for your delivery locale and time of year. You'll be glad you did. Because, plants and planters from 800Florals are always tasteful and beautiful. In fact, sending plants is a great idea even if you are not sure of the recipient's tastes, because everyone appreciates the natural beauty and thoughtfulness of living plants, and they make such a heartwarming addition to any setting.

How to Care for Indoor Plants

Your special someone doesn't have to have a green thumb to enjoy and care for your plant gifts. Most florist delivered plants come with simple care instructions that anyone can follow, and most indoor plants thrive with just a little Indirect sunlight, normal room temperatures, and occasional light watering. In fact, most plants like their soil just slightly most -- never soggy or saturated. And, a few varieties, such as orchids and succulents, only need a couple of tablespoons of water per week! Just follow the simple instructions provided to enjoy each plant's unique and natural beauty.

Flowers and Plants

Whether you're looking for fresh cut flowers, floral arrangements, or green and blooming plants, we've got you covered. You can trust Phillip's 1-800-FLORALS, because we're real florists, and we've been delivering flowers and plants across the U.S. and Canada for more than 100 years. So, call on us for yourr floral gifting needs. You'll find the personal service of a boutique family business combined with the experience of an award-winning nationwide florist. And, we look forward to helping you in any way that we can.

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