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Our florist delivered gifts are available throughout the 49 Continental U.S. states and Canada to all locations served by local florists, with same-day delivery normally available in most areas Monday through Saturday on orders received by 11:00 am in the recipient's time zone (excluding holidays and peak floral periods). Otherwise, next-day delivery is the norm. So, for best results, please order one or more days in advance, if possible. Note that product substitutions of equal value may be necessary in some cases, some deliveries may be rescheduled by one day when necessary, and deliveries are NOT available in Hawaii or areas impacted by extreme weather conditions. Volume discounts are available! For delivery in other countries, see International Flowers. Prices in U.S. dollars.

Blossoming Romance
Blossoming Romance #TV091  $119.95
Joy Forever Flowers Bouquet
Joy Forever Flowers Bouquet #TW643  $119.95
Glorious Day Bouquet
Glorious Day Bouquet #T1541  $114.95
FTD Stunning Beauty Bouquet
FTD Stunning Beauty Bouquet #4839D  $109.95
FTD Best Day Bouquet Premium
FTD Best Day Bouquet Premium #B007P  $109.95
Perfectly Pleasing Pinks
Perfectly Pleasing Pinks #T0171  $99.95
Beautiful in Blue Bouquet
Beautiful in Blue Bouquet #T2093  $94.95
On Cloud Nine Bouquet
On Cloud Nine Bouquet #T5131  $94.95
Pure Happiness Bouquet
Pure Happiness Bouquet #T1711  $89.95
Dazzling Day Bouquet
Dazzling Day Bouquet #T211X  $89.95
Color Me Rosy Bouquet
Color Me Rosy Bouquet #T5091  $89.95
To See You Smile Bouquet
To See You Smile Bouquet #T5141  $89.95
Blush Life Bouquet
Blush Life Bouquet #TV563  $89.95
Multicolor Roses Bowl
Multicolor Roses Bowl #0683T  $84.95
FTD Rose Fest Bouquet
FTD Rose Fest Bouquet #4107X  $84.95
FTD Happy Times Bouquet
FTD Happy Times Bouquet #4897D  $84.95
Cheers! Fresh Flowers Vase
Cheers! Fresh Flowers Vase #T5621  $84.95
12 Roses Vased
12 Roses Vased #TFDRV  $84.95
Daisies and Sunbeams Vase
Daisies and Sunbeams Vase #TV101  $84.95
Garden Delights
Garden Delights #TV152  $84.95
Sunny Side Flowers Vase
Sunny Side Flowers Vase #TW308  $84.95

Summer Flower Delivery

Summer is a season of vibrancy and warmth, with many flowers blooming in all their colorful glory. With the sun shining brightly and the warm weather, summer is the perfect time to brighten someone's day with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Ordering a summer flower delivery is a wonderful way to surprise someone special with a thoughtful gift and share the beauty of nature, too. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, or simply to say "Thinking of You", a summer flower delivery can be the perfect gesture to lift someone's spirits and show how much you care. And, from classic roses to elegant lilies or exotic tropical blooms, there's a summer flower arrangement for almost every taste, budget, and occasion.

One of the best things about summer flower delivery is the convenience. offers same-day flower delivery throughout most of the USA and Canada, so you can order a bouquet of summer flowers in the morning and have it designed and delivered to your loved one's home or workplace that afternoon. You can also choose from a wide variety of popular arrangements online or call to customize something to suit your personal preferences. Either way, summer flower delivery is a simple, easy, and thoughtful way to bring a smile to someone's face and celebrate the nature's sunny season.

The Best Flowers for Summer

Summer is all about warm days, bright skies, and lots of fun, and summer flowers offer the perfect complement of color, warmth, and happiness. There is a wonderful array of popular fresh flowers available thoughout the season, including these summer favorites:

Sunflowers are especially popular during summer months. They symbolize happiness, warmth, and energy. And, they look great on their own or combined with other bright blooms. Summer is all about sunshine, color, and fun. So, sunflowers are just the right vibe.

Roses are plentiful in summer, so they are reasonably priced, and they come in a rainbow of colors. Roses are especially popular for summer birthdays and anniversaries, but clusters of roses in compact bouquets are also wonderful for gift-giving and summer entertaining. Choose from tradtional red, a garden assortment of mixed pastel shades. or a bright summer mix of bolder citrus colors. Either way, roses always stand out and add a touch of beauty.

Gerbera Daisies are more casual and fun, and they're great all summer, too. With their big circular blooms and wide variety of colors, Gerberas exude happiness. Like sunflowers, they make for a wonderful display on their own and look even better when combined with other summer blooms.

Hydrangeas are fast becoming one of America's favortie flowers, especially in Spring and Summer. Their large, lux blooms and pillowy textures make them a perfect focal point in upscale designs. Often combined with roses, lilies, and other fancy flowers, hydrangeas create a lush garden feeling that is especially popular for weddings, anniversaries, parties, and luxurious floral designs.

Other popular summer flowers include lilies, stock, delphinium, asters, dahlias, peonies, and solidaster. The choices are plentiful all season. And, when professionally designed and hand delivered, flowers are always a very personalized gift, too.

Not sure what to send to someone? When choosing a summer bouquet, one of the most important factors to consider is the overall color scheme. Bright and bold colors such as orange, yellow, and hot pink are popular choices for summer flower arrangements, especially for birthdays and celebrations, because vibrant colors reflect the happiness of the season. Patriotic red, white, and blue is popular for Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans' Day. But, soft pastel hues are also very popular, for a more subtle English garden feeling. So, when sendig flowers for a summer gift or event, choose a style and color scheme that you think best fits the sentiment or occasion. And, if in doubt, just give us a call. We'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

When to Send Summer Flower Arrangments

Summer is a season of celebrations, so there are many occasions for which summer flowers are the perfect gift. Think birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, parties, weddings, new babies, hostess gifts, vacation gatherings, and Fourth of July events. Flowers are great for all sorts of thank you gifts and business gifts, as well. Whatever the occasion, or even for no special occasion at all, a big, beautiful bunch of summer flowers is always a thoughtful and beautiful expression that is sure to be noticed and appreciated. So, have a happy, healthy, and wonderful summer, and make sure flowers are part of it. You'll be glad you did.

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