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“Great job on this guys!!!!!!!!! You just reinforced why I choose 1-800-Florals over ANY other online florist any day." - S.F.
“My mother received an exquisitely beautiful bouquet of flowers from her co-workers through your service. Despite her illness, the flowers brightened her day and several days afterward as well. I was so impressed with her bouquet that I decided to order a Get Well bouquet for one of my co-workers who was convalescing from surgery on behalf of our office. I placed the order at approximately 12:45 pm on a Friday, and the flowers were delivered to her door by 2:30 pm that same day. Thank you so much for providing both beautiful flowers and excellent service." - J.S.
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“I just wanted to say thank you for your outstanding customer service in regards to my order. Instead of cancelling because the delivery was outside a serviced area, you said you would find out where the funeral was being held and have the arrangement delivered. This helps me out a great deal and I know the family will be very appreciative." - N.B.
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“The flowers were received. Thank you very much, they were beautiful." - T.R.
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“Thank you again for your great customer service." - J.K.
“You have made an aunt and her niece very happy!!" - A.D.
“I just want to say how very impressed I am with the service you provide. I live in the UK and my 'children' live in the US so it is very reassuring to know that my flowers to them will arrive safely and on the day requested." - A.T.
“Thanks, she really loved the flowers that were delivered to her today! Thanks again." - R.B.
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“Thanks for the past two arrangements. Just lovely." - A.K.
“ In the future you will be my choice everytime I have to send flowers!!! " - I.J.
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“ I just want to thank you for the lovely planter that was sent to my mother-in-law. She is so thrilled with the beautiful plants and flowers and said it is the most beautiful arrangement she has received in years. " - K.F.
“ The delivery was at her door by 12:30 pm. This was quicker than picking them up and delivering them myself. I was told the arrangement was beautifully done and the flowers were exquisite. Thank you for the prompt attention and pride taken in this order. " - E.C.
“ Just a little 'Thank you' for your great service. The roses were delivered on her 85th birthday and it made her very happy since she lives in Germany and I am here in the States. Thank you again for the excellent service. You have a new satisfied customer. " - M.M.
“ THANK YOU for your good service. The arrangement was very pretty - it looked just like the picture, had arrived as requested, everything just right. " - V.L.
“ YOU GUYS ABSOLUTELY ROCK! I mean, after 2 weeks of trying to find a company willing to deliver to the boondocks of Ontario, I happen across your great company AND you delivered SO QUICKLY that my head is spinning!! AS if that were not enough, my family reports that the baskets were just beautiful. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! " - I.D.R.
“ A group of us wanted to express our true feelings and not just send another arrangement. I saw the Broken Heart design and I knew that was perfect. Everyone that contributed LOVED it. Even the Mom in all her grief - the first thing she said to me was - 'What a beautiful arrangement, it said exactly how I'm feeling.' I just want to let you know Phillips did it again. Another awesome delivery. Keep up the quality work! " - N.H.
“ Thank you so much. I found you on the internet and used you to send flowers to the same person last week. I heard that the flowers were just beautiful. I really appreciate being able to trust a company 2000 miles away to deliver on their promises. " - E.M.
“ I can't tell you how many compliments the bouquets receive! Your flowers are outrageously wonderful. I make sure everyone knows where they came from. " - M.D.
“ I am just writing to let you know that she spoke to the courier and received the delivery yesterday afternoon, and she was very pleased with it! Thank you again for all of your assisstance. " - M.C.
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“ I recently placed 3 orders for delivery to 2 different locations. Both recipients have commented that the arrangements were absolutely beautiful, just stunning. Thank you so much! " - T.D.
“ I wanted to say THANK YOU for creating such a beautiful arrangement. I had asked for the lavender and white sympathy tribute for my aunt's funeral because her favorite color was lavender/purple. One day after the service my uncle made a special phone call to my mom to exclaim on how GORGEOUS the flowers were. We weren't able to attend but the arrangement you created was our representation. Thanks for a GREAT job. " - S.S.
“ I just want to thank your company for the service that you gave to my parents' 90th birthday. They live in a northern Australia community and I live in Canada, my father phoned to tell me that they received a magnificent basket full of wonderful flowers and it made their day complete especially as it arrived the day I had asked for. The young man that delivered them was polite and curtious. The experience is a credit to you and your company. " - V.K.
“ My cousin said the roses were magnificent. " - M.S.
“ I just wanted to thank you for your prompt follow through and providing what you advertised. I'm always concerned about ordering things like this over the Internet but your company practices what it preaches. I ordered before 1pm and the flower were delivered to my parents that afternoon over 300 miles away. They were thrilled with the arrangement of roses I sent them for their 50th anniversary, so it was worth every penny. Thanks again for the great customer service. I wish other companies would take your lead and will be recommending you to others. " - L.A.H.
“ Thank you very much for your assistance. I am very impressed with the service received and my friend has written to me to say that the flowers are absolutely stunning. The world has become really small now with the internet, I would have never imagined that it can be so easy to send flowers to a country so far away from ours! " - G.L.
“ My sister received her plants on her birthday and was very happy that her big sister (me) did not forget her important day. You made it possible with your outstanding international service. Thank you again and I will be back soon. " - M.M.
“I was a little nervous ordering flowers over the internet for a funeral service miles away, but comments I heard were that the flower arrangement was huge, stunning, outstanding. I was very pleased and would definitely use Phillip's again." - S.C.
“A real big thank you, and I will be back! Now, this is what service is all about." - T.C.
“Just wanted to take 2 seconds to tell you all that your product is great. No matter what I order from you all its always fresh and perfect, I wouldn't think of using anyone else. Keep up the great work!" - J.E.
“Thank you for the response. I did get a hold of my mother who confirmed that the flowers were delivered on time. She said they were beautiful. I will not hesitate to use your service again. This was my first order via an online purchase (for flowers). I was very satisfied." - D.A.
“I recently ordered flowers from your website for delivery to my mother on her last day of work. She was retiring after 30 years on the job. She loved the flowers... said they were beautiful and that they smelled wonderful! I live in Germany and she lives in Iowa. I have to say that honestly, I wasn't sure she would get what I actually ordered. I'm happy to report the order worked beautifully! She described what she received... it was exactly as I had ordered. Additionally, the flowers were delivered within my requested timeframe. I will be very happy to become a regular customer of Phillip's for all my flower orders in the future!! Thanks for helping me give a beautiful thank you to my mom for all her hardwork over the years." - P.M.
“The arrangement was rec'd on Saturday, by my brother and he was completely delighted. He called and raved and raved. Thank you!" - G.R.
“Thanks for your efforts... I didn't realise they would'nt allow flowers in ICU. My Dad was congratulating ME on my terrific sense of timing in getting flowers to his wife just as she got off the critical list and into a regular room! I thought it was luck, but really it was you... Thanks again for a great service. Oh and by the way, she loved the flowers." - S.J.
“Thank you. They were delivered and I understand are lovely. As usual you continue to provide exceptional service." - G.A.
“I ordered a keepsake flower arrangement for my mom, when it arrived at her home, some of the flowers were broken off. She called the company, and the arrangement was immediately replaced for her. So, I was very pleased with your customer service." - Anonymous
“Just want to thank you... The flowers they tell me are quite beautiful... Delivered timely in Puerto Rico, and we've made a 71st Birthday special... This is my 2nd order... Thanks, again." - D.O.
“So often in this busy world, we forget to stop and appreciate the simple things that we just take for granted. The prompt and professional manner in the way my order was handled, and the courtesy of the deliverer, really made my wife surprisingly happy. I am away in Brazil on business, but I was able to, last minute, send her a beautiful expression of love in the way of some flowers. It made my being away a little easier. I would like to thank-you on behalf of wives and all the weary business travelers for making it possible to take advantage of your excellent service." - P.O.
“Thank you for delivering the order just as I requested. It was perfect." - S.W.
“You sent some flowers to Kingsport Tennessee last Friday for me,and once again the feedback that I received was overwhelming. Just wanted you know that I continue to be very pleased with your service and commitment to quality." - K.T.
“Thank you ... She received the flowers and she loves them!" - A.W.
“Many thanks for your prompt and effecient service. Being quite new to internet shopping, I found it a truly professional and remarkable service. The flowers were greatly received and the comments were very favourable. I will definitely recommend this service to my friends." - G.S.
“Just a note, to say Thank You. You delivered as promised and the recipient was overjoyed." - M.F.
“I was very nervous about ordering flowers on the internet, but someone special really needed to be cheered up for her birthday. The result was simply amazing. She absolutely adored them, and is so thrilled. You guys offer fantastic service." - L.M.
“Just wanted to thank you for the nice work! Spoke with my wife at the hospital about 9:30 this morning, and she was telling me how beautiful the flowers were. I was impressed with the promptness, as well. Thanks again!" - R.L.
“I just want to thank you for the order you filled for a funeral arrangement. While we were not able to see the arrangement, the family praised its beauty and was so very thankful to receive it." - K.M.
“Everything was just perfect. Thank you." - S.P.
“My mother received the flowers already and they are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much." - K.
“The roses, the card, the day were excellent and brought my wife to tears. I could not have done it without the help of you and your Phillips Team." - R.
“Thanks for unbelieveably good service. I ordered an arrangement for my granddaughter a few minutes before noon and it was delivered around 3:00PM. It is so refreshing to deal with a company that does an oustanding job." - R.U.
“I just want to THANK YOU ALL and your sub-vendors for the beautiful six fruit baskets that were sent to my family around the states. Everyone received them on time and in perfect condition. I got personal calls saying each basket was beautiful and it was the best present I could have given them. Your service is wonderful and I will use it again for flowers (as I have before) and goodie baskets." - A.G.
“All I can say is 'WOW,' and I will highly recommend you to all my friends in the future. My mom sounded really happy with her flowers... making me very pleased with this transaction and your overall service. Many Thanks!!!" - U.D.
“Thank you so much for your prompt attention. I really wasn't expecting a replacement. Anyway, my Mom called after they delivered the new one to her. She said it was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! Please extend our appreciation to the local florist. They more than corrected the problem. I remain your very satisfied customer." - M.R.
“I just wanted to let you know that the flowers you sent to my daughter were received and she called me to express her delight. She said it was the most beautiful poinsettia plant she had ever seen." - J.F.
“Thank you once again for what was quite possibly the best customer service ever performed. Thank you for your diligence and the local vendor for putting together a bouquet worthy of the girl who received it. You not only helped me make her day but made my day as well." - J.R.
“I must say that I am utterly impressed with your professional and speedy reply. So frequently I am annoyed by the impersonality of internet shopping. If I ever buy flowers again you can rest assured it will be from your company." - C.J.
“Thank you for helping me make her day!" - M.F.
“Thank you so much for the rush delivery to the wake. The family was very happy to receive it in good time. And it was a beautifully done treasure." - C.C.
“I am so impressed! Whenever I go on the internet to order something I always feel a little apprehensive because I don't know how reliable the sites are. You are really terrific the way this order has been followed up and with such promptness. Thanks again. I will definitely be using your company again." - L.C.
“Just want to thank you for the professional and effective way you have handled this order. The receipent was very pleased with the floral arrangement. We had a most unfortunate experience previously, when an arrangement was sent from another source and it was very poorly done. I am therefore grateful to you for restoring my faith in florists. I will, of course happily recommend you to others." - C.J.
“Thank you so much!!! You certainly did go the "extra mile" for me & I appreciate it greatly." - P.M.
“This is the first time I have used this option, and you have been wonderful. I do appreciate your efforts and thank you again for your speedy delivery." - A.
“The flowers were beautiful. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job." - R.D.
“Thank you from the United Kingdom! Your service has been a talking point over here ever since." - J.B.
“I used to shop around for floral arrangements with all the local florists in my city and the neighboring communities. It was rare for me to use the same florist more than once. I was often frustrated by the lack of quality flowers and unique arrangments. I first ordered from Phillip's in May of last year. Upon receipt of the arrangement, my friend called to thank me and elaborated on how beautiful it was. Since then I have exclusively ordered through your business. Without exception everyone who has received arrangements ordered through your business has claimed the arrangement to be the most beautiful one they have ever received. Everyone wants to know who is this wonderful florist. I never hesitate to tell them and send them the link to your web site." - M.H.
“Just to let you know the roses in the Unending Love Rose Tribute were just gorgeous. Everyone was complimenting them, and I thank you very much for again doing an excellent job." - M.B.
“Thank you for a quick delivery, My daughter just called to thank me and to let me know the flowers are just beautiful. I am so pleased and happy I found your web site. I am adding your page to my favorites, and will be making another order soon. Thanks for your service." - E.B.
“Just a note to express my appreciation for your fine service. I ordered the Patriotic Flower arrangement for a military-style funeral held in Iowa. My father attended and reported back the flowers arrived OK and were greatly admired and appreciated. Thanks!" - D.S.
“The flowers were delivered today and the feedback I got was they were the prettiest tulips ever seen! Just wanted to let you know it was a hit and thank you very much. Great job." - M.G.
“I have been using your service for the past year or more and the quality of the flowers is excellent. Unfortunately, I have never seen them because I send the flowers to friends and family across the country. I'm hoping my husband will get the hint :-) Keep up the good work." - B.L.
“Thank you so much! Your customer service is excellent and very much appreciated! I will be a returning customer." - J.Z.
“I just wanted to say thank you. The flowers I ordered arrived and I was told they were stunning. This was my first experience ordering flowers on-line and I was very happy with the results. Thank you for providing this wonderful service." - D.P.
“When I send flowers across America, I now know to use only 800florals." - R.R.
“Thank you so much, the arrangements were gorgeous." - G.A.
“Not only was my order delivered the same day, but it was delivered 2 hours and 40 minutes after I placed it. That is outstanding when it comes to floral arrangements, especially over the internet." - C.
“I was in the office thinking about my sister's birthday, which was in 3 days. I decided to send flowers. I found your website and thought it'd be the best way to send flowers. Yes, it was. I would like to thank you for your fast and convenient service. My sister told me how beautiful they were, and after a week the flowers still looked beautiful. Thanks again." - D.
“The flowers were delivered on time, they even found out the right address. (I had put the wrong address on.) Good store, good service, and really good prices." - M.
“I had a call from my friend to let me know the flowers were simply beautiful and delivered within hours of my call in. My first time for "e-mail" delivery but will be using you more often." - G.
“Just wanted to thank you - my friend said the flowers were absolutely perfect! So she and I both appreciate your efforts!" - J.S.
“This order has confirmed that it is still possible to get good service and have a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers delivered to a distant address." - R.C.
“I ordered two arrangements from you this week. Both were received in a timely manner, and this was definitely my best experience ordereing flowers on line to date. Thank you." - J.W.
“My girlfriend just recieved the flowers and is absolutely in love with them. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me out, and having such a great service. I will come back again." - S.C.
“Thanks for your continued follow-up to make sure my brother got his Birthday Basket. I continue to use Philip's as my exclusive florist for exactly the great customer service you've provided.........once again. Besides, you send the most gorgeous flower arrangements and the recipients of your flowers have been so very pleased. Thanks, Again !!!!" - S.D.
“Thank you! She loved them!" - T.
“Brilliant - thank you! Your service is excellent!" - M.H.
“Both parties loved the selections we sent them. At a truly sad time in their lives, the plants were a bit of sunshine." - L.F.
“For the record this is the second time I have used your service and it is definitely one of excellence!" - J.A.
“Just wanted to say 'Thank You!' --- my friend was delighted with your roses." - A.W.
“It was my first time ordering flowers online. Your service was terrific. From what I heard too, the flowers were exquisite." - B.C.
“Thanks for your excellent service. I was amazed at how quickly the flower arrangements were delivered." - T.Q.
“I ordered a half a dozen roses last week. They arrived fresh and full. They were the best I have ever received from a florist at any price." - K.P.
“You have earned a repeat customer." - A.F.
“The flowers arrived promptly and I am told they are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job." - L.H.
“The flowers were delivered very early (yesterday morning) and I was told that they were absolutely beautiful! They gave a lot of joy to the bereaved family. Thank you for your excellent service. I will recommend you to all my friends and family!" - A.N.
“Thank you so much for the wonderful flowers that were sent to my in-laws for their anniversary! I was nervous about using the internet as I have never done it before. I was worried about what they would look like and if they would get there on time. My mother-in-law called and said they were so beautiful and they got there when I requested. I will definitely remember you in the future. Thank you again." - M.E.
“I have used two of your competitors and been very displeased. I wanted to tell you how very happy I was with my first tranasction with you. Your customer service rep. was absolutely first rate. I'll be ordering with you again!" - B.
“Super service - almost forgot to order for my mom's birthday - used your online order on Sat morning - flowers were there same day - and she loved them. I used another service in the past - but never again. Thank you!" - M.S.
“This was the first time I ever ordered anything, especially flowers, over the Internet, and I never expected such great service. I would never have believed a company would go to such lengths to deliver flowers for me. You have earned yourself a loyal customer! These days, customer service seems to be extinct, but your company has the right idea!” - Judy
“Your services are great, it's made a difference in my friend's life to see some flowers waiting there for her. It was one of the happiest moments in her life. Thanks.” - Jon
“I wanted to let you know that my Grandmother got the flowers we sent through you, and she was REALLY pleased and impressed! She said it came on exactly the day she got out of the hospital and it was waiting for her at home; and she said, 'Boy, that was beautiful!' So, thank you very much!" - D.W.
“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your attention to detail, and for rescheduling the flower delivery. I was pleasantly surprised to read the e-mail, and I was wondering what the status of that order was! So it was nice to know exactly what was going on with it. I am so impressed, in fact, that I think I will place another order with you shortly....it's my Mom's birthday tomorrow! So, thanks again, and you will hear from me shortly.” - Scott
"This site has helped me alot. I live in Nebraska with my dad and my mother lives in Illinois. I can keep in touch with her by sending her virtual flowers. Thanks.“ - M.Q.
“I am just writing to tell you how pleased my daughter and son-in-law were with the flowers your company delivered for me. I am sure I will use you again and recommend you to my friends and co-workers thanks.” - C.F.
“I just heard from the recipient of the flowers and she was delighted by the delivery. I'm truly thankful and definitely 100% satisfied. I'm totally impressed with your follow-up and will absolutely use your service again and will recommend you to others. Thanks." - P.C.
“Thank you for a wonderful job!!! My Fianc'e was very happy to get her flowers today :-) you made me look good :-) Thanks again.” - J.B.
“I just wanted to congratulate you guys on excellent service. She got the flowers shortly after she came back from lunch and she loves them. The flowers themselves are in excellent condition, very fresh and individually put in water. You should also commend Phillips Flowers and Gifts for their quality. Thanks again for such great service.” - S.P.
“Thank you for a wonderful job. The flowers arrived at a perfect time, my grandfather was feeling down and these picked up his spirits greatly, Thank you very much. I will recommend you to my friends and family. I will be placing another order in the next few days.” - A.F.
“Just wanted to say that an order I placed yesterday from Illinois, via internet, was delivered to my wife in the hospital in Florida. I'm told that they are just Beautiful! Also, they were delivered as scheduled............I'm very impressed with your service ! Thank You." -C.W.
“I ordered an arrangement at about 7PM on a Sunday night for my sister, and she received it at about 1PM the next day. She was so impressed with the size and quality of the arrangement, thinking that I had spent much more than I had. I always felt that the major floral deliverers were overpriced in relation to the quality of their products, but that there was no alternative. Now that I have experienced personally the high quality and low cost of a 1800florals arrangement, I will order all of my future floral deliveries from you.” - K.H.
“Just wanted to let you know - I have used your services twice and both times the flowers have been outstanding. Thank you for knowing how to do it right!” - S.S.
“I would like to thank you for your service this mother's day weekend. I have heard that the flowers were absolutely gorgeous, and arrived at a great time. Thanks for providing beautiful flowers at such a reasonable price, and thanks for your promptness and assurance with the deliveries. I'm sure I will order from your company again.” - L.W.
“I have never written a company before, but my customer service experience today, warranted a letter of Thank You!! There was a problem with my annual Mother's Day order to my mother. In the craziness of the holiday, they missed my order. My past experience has always been very positive and error free (good product for a good price with no mistakes). This time, I called your customer service center and within a few minutes, she resolved the matter. My account was credited and a letter of apology was sent to my mother. I really appreciate the personal touch and the fact that you got me off the hook with my mother.” - M.J.
“The reward you receive for treating me in a very fair and pleasant manner??? I recommend you to all that care to listen. You make more money and your customer's continue to come back. Job well done! Regards” - John
“Hello. This is to let you know that this was my first time ordering flowers on the Internet. My friend received her flowers as I ordered them & she said that they were, perhaps, the loveliest she's ever received. I want to thank you so much for your excellent service. “ - M.A.L.
“I would like to thank you for the excellent job you did getting the flowers I ordered to my mother in Ohio. She was very impressed and so was I. Thank you and I will certainly think of you first when I place another order” - S.P.
“Today at 12:15 pm central, I placed an order on-line with your company. The info on the web page said that for same day service, orders needed to be received before 12:00. I did not hold out much hope for the flowers to be delivered today. At 12:25, I was contacted by phone for additional information regarding the delivery. It seems I had forgotten to specify where the flowers were to go. Well, to get to the point, fantastic service, same day delivery, and my wife is thrilled. I am 100% satisfied. Thanks a million.” - D.R.
“I just love your site!!!!!! Just looking at the pictures made me feel wonderful. Thanks.” - S. B.
“I sent my father one of your fruit baskets and he called and said it was just beautiful. Said it was huge. I am so happy to have found you. It's nice to be able to buy/send things when most stores are closed for the evening. I work 12 hours a day and when I'm off, the last thing I feel like doing is running around trying to find gifts. Phillips 800florals is at the top of my shopping list. Thank you again.” - Norm
“I just wanted to thank the good people at 800Florals. I have tried other "on line" florists, only to come about with problems. But 800Florals was flaw-less, with the BEST selection to chose from for over seas! You now will be the only on-line florist I will use, and recommend! And again, than you! Sincerely,” - M.E.B.
“The delivery was prompt, and my friend was thrilled with the flowers. Believe me, I spent some time checking out a good deal of florists, and 1-800-FLORALS by Phillip's is by far the best priced, and has excellent selection and delivery available.” - K.S.
“You really helped me out with a mistake I made on the delivery information. Thanks!”
“I had a table arrangement delivered to my parents in Calif. They said it was beautiful. This is definitely the way to show the people you care for that your thinking of them even though you're not there.”
“Flowers were lovely! Delivery and service prompt and correct.”
“I have used your company for over three years now, and have absolutely NO complaints - thanks a lot for being there!”
“My daughter was delighted with the flowers, they got there in a timely manner and all was well. Thank you Phillips.”
“My friend was thrilled with the flowers and even sent a picture of them to me. The arrangement was gorgeous. Thanks so very much.”
“The only florist I have used in the USA - and the only one I intend to use!!!!”
“As always everything was wonderful and 1-800-Florals by Phillip's will continue to receive all of my business. They go above and beyond.”
“I made a mistake on the shipping address and sent it through before I noticed. They were very kind and helped me correct my mistake and get the flowers delivered within 4 hours of my order. Fantastic customer service!!!”
“Each and every time I order from Phillips I receive rave reviews of the flowers, and I am never disappointed in their service. They are wonderful! They make shopping online a pleasure and so easy. Thank you Phillips!! And thank you Yahoo for selecting such a great company to offer to your customers.”
“I was very pleased with the personal attention given to my order as well as the beautiful end product.”
“I've been using 1-800-FLORALS by Phillips for a few years and each and every transaction has been wonderful. Each arrangement has arrived on time and I've been told they are all gorgeous.”
“Thanks so much one more time ...... you guys are the best!!” - Susie
“I had mistakenly put the wrong date for delivery and called the number given on the order to change it. The woman I spoke to was very nice and understanding, changed the delivery date and the flowers were delivered to the funeral home on the day of the service. I will buy flowers from Phillip's again and recommend them to my friends & associates” - M. J.
“The roses I ordered were absolutely gorgeous.”

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