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Chanukah is Dec. 18 - 26

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Silver Elegance Centerpiece
Silver Elegance Centerpiece #T1321
$134.95 as shown
Sparkling Snowfall Centerpiece
Sparkling Snowfall Centerpiece #TW475
$134.95 as shown
Love Everlasting Flowers Bouquet
Love Everlasting Flowers Bouquet #T2671
$104.95 as shown
Fruits and Blooms Basket
Fruits and Blooms Basket #T1073
$99.95 as shown
Fashionista Blooms Flowers Vase
Fashionista Blooms Flowers Vase #TW411
$99.95 as shown
Heavenly Harmony Bouquet
Heavenly Harmony Bouquet #TW514
$99.95 as shown
A Little Pink Me Up Bouquet
A Little Pink Me Up Bouquet #T0103
$89.95 as shown
Wondrous Wishes Bouquet
Wondrous Wishes Bouquet #T0111
$89.95 as shown
Perfectly Pleasing Pinks
Perfectly Pleasing Pinks #T0171
$89.95 as shown
Teleflora® Beauty In Bloom
Teleflora® Beauty In Bloom #T0451
$89.95 as shown
Color Me Rosy Bouquet
Color Me Rosy Bouquet #T5091
$89.95 as shown
Forever More Flowers Bouquet
Forever More Flowers Bouquet #TW153
$89.95 as shown
Multicolor Roses Bowl
Multicolor Roses Bowl #0683T
$84.95 as shown
Isle of White Flowers Bouquet
Isle of White Flowers Bouquet #T0553
$84.95 as shown
This Magic Moment Rose Bouquet
This Magic Moment Rose Bouquet #T0661
$84.95 as shown
Goodness and Light Premium
Goodness and Light Premium #TS31C
$84.95 as shown
FTD® Hello Gorgeous Bouquet Dlx
FTD® Hello Gorgeous Bouquet Dlx #FD01D
$79.95 as shown
Green Plant Garden
Green Plant Garden #P406X
$79.95 as shown
Beautiful in Blue Bouquet
Beautiful in Blue Bouquet #T2093
$79.95 as shown
Dazzling Day Bouquet
Dazzling Day Bouquet #T211X
$79.95 as shown
Purest Love Bouquet
Purest Love Bouquet #TV302
$79.95 as shown
Blush Life Bouquet
Blush Life Bouquet #TV563
$79.95 as shown
FTD® Bright and Beautiful Bouquet
FTD® Bright and Beautiful Bouquet #4138X
$74.95 as shown
How Sweet It Is Bouquet Deluxe
How Sweet It Is Bouquet Deluxe #490DX
$74.95 as shown
FTD® Miracle's Light Bouquet Deluxe
FTD® Miracle's Light Bouquet Deluxe #5142D
$74.95 as shown
FTD® Garden Glam Bouquet Deluxe
FTD® Garden Glam Bouquet Deluxe #5424D
$74.95 as shown
Designer Creation Bouquet
Designer Creation Bouquet #6022X
$74.95 as shown
Enchanted Cottage Flowers Bouquet
Enchanted Cottage Flowers Bouquet #T0501
$74.95 as shown
Arrive In Style Bouquet
Arrive In Style Bouquet #T0552
$74.95 as shown
Sweet Tranquility Flowers Basket
Sweet Tranquility Flowers Basket #T2132
$74.95 as shown
Morning Bright Flowers Bouquet
Morning Bright Flowers Bouquet #T5571
$74.95 as shown
Cheers! Fresh Flowers Vase
Cheers! Fresh Flowers Vase #T5621
$74.95 as shown
Goodness and Light Bouquet Deluxe
Goodness and Light Bouquet Deluxe #TS31B
$74.95 as shown
Daisies and Sunbeams Vase
Daisies and Sunbeams Vase #TV101
$74.95 as shown
The joyous eight day celebration of Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, commemorates the ancient re-institution of the traditional Jewish service in the Temple. To renew the service, Judah needed pure olive oil to kindle the lamp which burned continuously in the Temple. He was able to find only a small vial sufficient for one day. Through a miracle, this one day supply sufficed for eight days. This is why families light a candle on each night of Hanukkah.

Hanukkah gifts should generally arrive before sundown the day before the official celebration. Appropriate Hanukkah gifts include fresh flower arrangements in pastel colors or bright and cheery hues, blooming and green plant gifts (usually other than poinsettias), and fruit baskets (without meats or animal fats). For other seasonal gift ideas, visit the categories below.

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