Seasonal Fresh Flowers

Our florist delivered gifts are available throughout the 49 Continental U.S. states and Canada to all locations served by local florists, with same-day delivery normally available in most areas Monday through Saturday on orders received by 11:00 am in the recipient's time zone (excluding holidays and peak floral periods). Otherwise, next-day delivery is the norm. For best results, please order one or more days in advance, if possible. Note that due to current supply chain disruptions, product substitutions of equal value may be necessary in some cases, some deliveries may be rescheduled by one day when necessary, and deliveries are NOT available in Hawaii. Volume discounts are available! For delivery in other countries, see International Flowers. Prices in U.S. dollars.

Two Dozen Roses Vased
Two Dozen Roses Vased #TF312
$169.95 as shown
Holiday Glow Centerpiece Deluxe
Holiday Glow Centerpiece Deluxe #1153B
$149.95 as shown
Christmas Wishes Premium
Christmas Wishes Premium #1271C
$129.95 as shown
Enduring Passion 18 Roses Vase
Enduring Passion 18 Roses Vase #127BX
$124.95 as shown
Holiday Glow Centerpiece
Holiday Glow Centerpiece #T1153
$109.95 as shown
Holiday Enchantment Flowers Vase
Holiday Enchantment Flowers Vase #TR071
$109.95 as shown
Winter Wilds Centerpiece
Winter Wilds Centerpiece #TR143
$109.95 as shown
Holiday Enchantment Roses
Holiday Enchantment Roses #TW102
$109.95 as shown
Twin Poinsettia Basket
Twin Poinsettia Basket #P127X
$99.95 as shown
FTD® Christmas Spirit Bouquet Dlx
FTD® Christmas Spirit Bouquet Dlx #B049D
$94.95 as shown
Christmas Wishes Centerpiece
Christmas Wishes Centerpiece #T1271
$94.95 as shown
Deluxe Dozen Roses Vase
Deluxe Dozen Roses Vase #TS91X
$94.95 as shown
Thomas Kinkade Sweet Shoppe Bouquet
Thomas Kinkade Sweet Shoppe Bouquet #2X200
$89.95 as shown
FTD® Poinsettia Basket (Large)
FTD® Poinsettia Basket (Large) #3602X
$89.95 as shown
Holiday Shimmer Centerpiece
Holiday Shimmer Centerpiece #TR125
$89.95 as shown
Christmas By Candlelight Centerpiece
Christmas By Candlelight Centerpiece #TW470
$89.95 as shown
Holiday Homecoming Basket
Holiday Homecoming Basket #T1232
$84.95 as shown
Holiday Snowflakes Flower Vase
Holiday Snowflakes Flower Vase #T5811
$84.95 as shown
12 Roses Vased
12 Roses Vased #TFDRV
$84.95 as shown
Snowy Woods Bouquet
Snowy Woods Bouquet #TR142
$84.95 as shown
Candlelight Christmas Centerpiece
Candlelight Christmas Centerpiece #3121X
$79.95 as shown
FTD® Christmas Peace Bouquet
FTD® Christmas Peace Bouquet #4962D
$79.95 as shown
FTD® Winter Bliss Bouquet Deluxe
FTD® Winter Bliss Bouquet Deluxe #5363D
$79.95 as shown
All Is Bright Candle Centerpiece
All Is Bright Candle Centerpiece #TW247
$79.95 as shown
Berries and Spice Basket Bouquet
Berries and Spice Basket Bouquet #1201A
$74.95 as shown
Holiday Shine Bouquet
Holiday Shine Bouquet #TR145
$74.95 as shown
Festive Blossoms Bouquet
Festive Blossoms Bouquet #0892T
$69.95 as shown
Teleflora® Silent Night Bouquet
Teleflora® Silent Night Bouquet #2X400
$69.95 as shown
Happy Holidays Planter Basket
Happy Holidays Planter Basket #P652X
$69.95 as shown
Deal of the Day Holiday Bouquet
Deal of the Day Holiday Bouquet #SPCX1
$69.95 as shown
Teleflora® Sweet Frosty Deluxe
Teleflora® Sweet Frosty Deluxe #2X50B
$64.95 as shown
FTD® Good Tidings Basket Deluxe
FTD® Good Tidings Basket Deluxe #5360D
$64.95 as shown
Holiday Half Dozen Roses Vase
Holiday Half Dozen Roses Vase #P215X
$64.95 as shown

About Fresh Cut Flowers

One of the wonderful things about fresh cut flowers is that so many beautiful varieties are available year round. This has become possible because of advances in growing, cultivation, and transportation. Perhaps more importantly, many fresh flower varieties are now grown along the sun-filled regions of the equator in the termperate higher altitudes of Columbia and Ecuador. There, the volcanic soil is rich, the daylight plentiful, and the seasons are much less impactful. So, hundreds of popular fresh flower varieties are grown throughout most of the year. It wasn't so long ago that most fresh flowers in the USA were grown and distributed regionally, and thus greatly impacted by the seasons. Today, our flowers come from the U.S., South America, Holland, the Phillipines, and beyond, making many floral favorites more available during off seasons or even year round. Some of the most popular year-round favorites include roses, lilies, hydrangeas, alstroemeria, Gerbera daisies, and even hypericum.

Seasonal Fresh Flower Favorites

While many fresh cut flowers are now available throughout much of the year, other varieties are still more plentiful, economical, and popular during limited growing seasons. This is another wonderful thing about fresh flowers, namely that there are stil many selections that vary with the seasons and are especially appropriate and enjoyable during certain months of the year. You'll find many of these featured above in our seasonal fresh flower bouquets. Additional examples include the following.

  • Spring: Tulips, Iris, Snapdragons, Blooming Branches, Rannunculus, Waxflower, Daffodils, and Other Bulb Flowers

  • Summer: Gladiolus, Stock, Sunflowers, Solidaster, Garden Roses, Peonies, Dahlias, and Field Flowers

  • Fall: Celosia, Sunflowers, Safari Sunset, Protea, Dahlias, Kales, and Other Autumn Botanicals

  • Winter: Amaryllis, Star of Bethleham, Pine, and Other Winter Evergreens

Celebrate the Season

Regardless of the seaon, you can celebrate any occasion with beautiful fresh flowers to show how much you care. But, seasonal fresh flowers are an especially popular and appropriate way to express your feelings, celebrate the season, and brighten someone's day. So, don't overlook seasonal fresh flower options. They're often a refreshing change from everyday bouquets and usually a great value, too!

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