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Check Your "Christmas I.Q."

Have fun with these holiday trivia teasers, or share them with your friends!

1. On December 15, what must you kiss to make all your Christmas wishes come true?
A. a pomegranate B. a Christmas ornament C. a donkey

2. If you smell a yellow rose the morning of December 17, what Christmas gift will you receive?
A. a crystal vase B. diamonds C. an oil well in Texas

3. Drop three cranberries on the floor. Follow the farthest one to find what?
A. lost valuables B. love of your life C. a stain on your carpet

4. Who is credited with introducing the Christmas tree to England?
A. Charles Dickens B. Prince Albert C. Frosty the Snowman

5. What year is the earliest historical reference to a decorated evergreen
A. 1605 B. 1253 C. 1776

6. Some of the earliest Christmas tree ornaments were made of what?
A. wood B. paper ribbons C. wax

7. Cardboard champagne bottles were popular American tree ornaments in what decade?
A. Roaring '20s B. Gay '90s C. 1950s

8. What company produces most of the glass ornaments made in America?
A. Fostoria B. Corning C. Granite City Steel

9. Candles were lit on Christmas Eve in European homes and churches for what purpose?
A. to welcome the Christ child B. to provide light for reading C. to help Rudolph find his way

10. The "X" in Xmas stands for what?
A. a cross representing Christ B. a Greek symbol for "CHI," as in Christ C. the "ecstasy" of seeing the biggest gift under the tree with your name on it

11. Finding an orange in the toe of your Christmas stocking means you will find which of the following?
A. wealth B. a good meal C. a run in your hose

12. The Fall / Winter Sears Roebuck catalog is called what?
A. the Wish Book B. the Gift Book C. the Credit Card Enhancer

13. The British noisemakers known around the world are called what?
A. poppers B. crackers C. the Beatles

14. What member of the family traditionally lit the candles on the tree?
A. mother B. father C. the youngest child with the longest hair

15. What does the staff of Phillip's 1-800-FLORALS wish you?
A. Peace, Hope and Love B. A Joyous Holiday Season C. A very Happy New Year

ANSWERS: 1-A 2-B 3-B 4-B 5-A 6-C 7-B 8-B 9-A1 0-B
11-A 12-A 13-B 14-B 15-All of the Above

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