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Volume Discounts

While our online service fee is already discounted, additional savings are available for multiple gift sending , regular corporate ordering, and nationwide charitable organizations.

Multiple Gift Sending

If you place three or more orders online in a given day with the same credit card or Phillip's charge account, just send a note to the email address below within 24 hours requesting a multi-order discount and identifying the sender's and recipients' names. We'll issue a credit as follows.  (Please note that these special discounts apply to our regular $11.95 online service and delivery fee only and can NOT be combined with any other discount, special offer, or affiliate program sales.)

 3 to 5 orders ...  $3 Savings per Order  
 6 to 9 orders ...  $4 Savings per Order 
 10 to 24 orders  ...  $5 Savings per Order
 25 to 49 orders  ...  $6 Savings per Order
 50 to 99 orders  ...  $7 Savings per Order
 100 or more orders  ...  $8 Savings per Order

To take advantage of your multi-order savings, enter your orders online. Then, send your request along with the sender's and recipients' names to:

Regular Corporate Ordering

Discounts are available for corporate customers whose various offices and employees regularly take advantage of our nationwide floral delivery services.  These discounts are based on the volume of monthly orders (e.g., typically ranging from a few per week to hundreds per month), method of ordering (e.g., phone, fax, or online), and any special reporting requirements.  For additional information, please send an inquiry to, and be sure to include your name, company name, and phone number, so we can contact you directly to discuss specifics.

Nationwide Charitable Organizations

We welcome the opportunity to support nationally recognized charities with our commission-based affiliate program or special online discounts.  For information about how your organization can generate additional revenue online, find out about our affiliate program.  To inquire about special online discounts for your not-for-profit group's supporters, please send us email at, and be sure to include your name, organization, and phone number, so we can contact you directly to discuss options.


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