Top 10 Reasons for Flowers
  • 10. It's a bright, sunny day and your boss tells you to take the day off.

  • 9. Your roommate introduces you to her good-looking big brother.

  • 8. Your sister in Poughkeepsie tells you she's having a bad hair day.

  • 7. Out-of-town friends call to let you know they're dropping in for a week.

  • 6. It's Thursday.

  • 5. Your co-worker volunteers to stay late to help you finish up a project.

  • 4. You're away on business and want to let your husband (or wife) know you miss him (or her).

  • 3. Your best buddy somehow convinces your son not to dye his hair purple.

  • 2 It's cold and rainy and you want to create your own touch of Springtime.

  • 1. Just because they make you smile!

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