1. Fill a low container with wet floral foam (preferably soaked in water with floral food.)
  2. Cut all flowers and foliage to (approximately) the same length, leaving several stems an inch or two longer for use in the middle of the arrangement.
  3. Starting from the middle of the foam and working outward in a circular fashion, create a green foundation by inserting foliage. The longest stems go in first.
  4. Next, repeat this process with your line and mass flowers, inserting the tallest flowers first and working outward to a fan shape.
  5. Step back and look over your work. make adjustments if desired.
  6. Last, insert filler flowers to connect all flowers into a pleasing arrangement.
  • Tip -- Keep your arrangement under 16 tall so as not to obstruct views across your dining table!
  • Tip -- Stretch your flower purchase by cutting long multi flowered stems into smaller sections.
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