As the name implies, this bouquet is made while holding flowers in your hand. In addition to an abundance of flowers and foliage, youll need a 24 length of twine, ribbon or raffia to complete this bouquet.

  1. Start by stripping leaves from the lower half of all stems.
  2. Throughout the process in making a hand-tied bouquet, hold flowers and foliage midway up the stems between your thumb and fingers.
  3. Pick up one flower and one foliage stem. Begin by placing one stem directly on top of the other at about a 45-degree angle.
  4. Continue adding stems of flowers and foliage an an angle, building your bouquet in a clockwise fashion. Keep your hand relaxed -- dont choke your flowers!
  5. Place similar colors across from one another to create a burst of color.
  6. When you have a handful of flowers, bind with twine or ribbon at the point where your hand is holding the bouquet.
  7. To secure binding, pull the twine up through the bottom stems and tug gently.
  8. Last, trim stems evenly at the bottom.
  • Tip -- Wrap your bouquet loosely in colored tissue paper for a spectacular gift presentation.
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