1. Fill your clean vase with water (preferably containing floral food.)
  2. Strip stems so that no leaves will be covered by water.
  3. Cut stems to about twice the height of your vase, leaving several stems an inch or two longer for the center of your bouquet.
  4. First insert stems of foliage and filler flowers. Criss-cross the stems as you insert them in your vase. This will create a grid that will help hold other flowers in place.
  5. Starting at the rim of your vase and working toward the center, add other flowers, spacing them as if they were points on a triangle.
  6. Place the longest stems in the center of your bouquet.
  7. Stand back and review your bouquet, making adjustments if needed.
  • Tip -- Start with marbles or small pebbles in your vase for extra stem support or to simply give a favorite vase a new look.
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