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Loving Lilies and Roses
Loving Lilies and Roses #T2161
$174.95 as shown
Sacred Duty Funeral Spray
Sacred Duty Funeral Spray #T2402
$174.95 as shown
Rays of Light Sympathy Spray
Rays of Light Sympathy Spray #T2464
$174.95 as shown
Sweet Solace Standing Sympathy Spray
Sweet Solace Standing Sympathy Spray #T2491
$174.95 as shown
Bright and Beautiful Funeral Spray
Bright and Beautiful Funeral Spray #T2493
$174.95 as shown
Sweet Remembrance Easel Spray
Sweet Remembrance Easel Spray #T2661
$174.95 as shown
Loving Grace Sympathy Tribute
Loving Grace Sympathy Tribute #TW529
$174.95 as shown
Heavenly Grace Sympathy Spray
Heavenly Grace Sympathy Spray #TW531
$174.95 as shown
Serenity Sympathy Flowers Spray
Serenity Sympathy Flowers Spray #TW535
$174.95 as shown
Loving Roses Sympathy Tribute
Loving Roses Sympathy Tribute #TW550
$174.95 as shown
Peaceful Garden Sympathy Spray
Peaceful Garden Sympathy Spray #TW555
$174.95 as shown
Ocean Breeze Sympathy Spray
Ocean Breeze Sympathy Spray #TW561
$174.95 as shown
Deepest Condolences Spray
Deepest Condolences Spray #2077T
$159.95 as shown
Pink Tribute Funeral Flowers Spray
Pink Tribute Funeral Flowers Spray #T2492
$154.95 as shown
Loving Remembrance Funeral Spray
Loving Remembrance Funeral Spray #1883T
$149.95 as shown
FTD® Lovely Tribute Bouquet
FTD® Lovely Tribute Bouquet #4482X
$149.95 as shown
Love's Tapestry Sympathy Tribute
Love's Tapestry Sympathy Tribute #T2182
$149.95 as shown
Sunny Memories Floral Tribute
Sunny Memories Floral Tribute #T2191
$149.95 as shown
Rose Remembrance Tribute
Rose Remembrance Tribute #T2212
$149.95 as shown
Heavenly Heights Sympathy Bouquet
Heavenly Heights Sympathy Bouquet #T2214
$149.95 as shown
Sweet Sincerity Sympathy Arrangement
Sweet Sincerity Sympathy Arrangement #T2581
$149.95 as shown
Heavenly Light Funeral Flowers Basket
Heavenly Light Funeral Flowers Basket #T2622
$149.95 as shown
Glorious Grace Sympathy Arrangement
Glorious Grace Sympathy Arrangement #T2672
$149.95 as shown
Beauty and Devotion Sympathy Basket
Beauty and Devotion Sympathy Basket #T5161
$149.95 as shown
Serenity Sympathy Flowers Tribute
Serenity Sympathy Flowers Tribute #TW532
$149.95 as shown
Yellow and White Sympathy Spray
Yellow and White Sympathy Spray #1881T
$139.95 as shown
Rainbow Reflections Basket
Rainbow Reflections Basket #T2521
$134.95 as shown
Beautiful Whisper Bouquet
Beautiful Whisper Bouquet #T2371
$129.95 as shown
FTD® Beautiful Spirit Arrangement
FTD® Beautiful Spirit Arrangement #4485X
$124.95 as shown
FTD® Greater Glory Basket Deluxe
FTD® Greater Glory Basket Deluxe #5027D
$124.95 as shown
Vivid Recollections Sympathy Basket
Vivid Recollections Sympathy Basket #T2184
$124.95 as shown

Send Funeral Flowers

Express your deepest sympathy with tasteful funeral flowers delivered to the visitation or memorial service. sympathy flowers for funerals are a timeless worldwide tradition that spans so many cultures and faiths, because flowers are a universal symbol of love and caring. Flowers also convey hope, faith, and peace. They remind us of the beauty of life and express what words can not. So, sending funeral flowers is a visible demonstration of heartfelt support, and a thoughtful expression of human compassion, that honors the departed, comforts friends and loved ones, and softens sorrow at a difficult time.

Funeral Flowers Delivery

Our florists are experts at designing and delivering beautiful funeral flowers for every taste and budget. Choose from exquisite floral hearts, wreaths, and crosses, standing easel sprays, traditional funeral arrangements, or stylish vased bouquets to express your thoughts and prayers. Popular colors for funeral arrangements include white for purity, reverence, and goodness, red and white together for love and reverence, mixed Spring colors symbolic of new birth, soft pastels for a feminine touch, or bolder hues for a more masculine theme. Favorite flowers for funeral expressions include roses, lilies, hydrangeas, gladioli, orchids, stock, carnations, and a variety of other seasonal blooms. After all, flowers are nature's handiwork and remind us all how precious this life is. No wonder so many who have suffered a loss rank flowers among the most comforting aspects of funerals.

Flowers for Funerals

Flowers make for a more pleasant atmosphere at visitations, memorials, and burials, helping those present feel more comfortable and at ease. Flowers also create a more beautiful memory for those who gather to mourn, and funeral flowers tangibly help with grief, too. In fact, when asked to identify gifts and memorials that helped a great deal with grief, a majority people named flowers and plants. so, even when a charity or other organization has been identified for financial contributions, flowers are still considered by most to be a very appropriate and helpful expression of personal sympathy and support.

Order Funeral Flowers

Fortunately, sending funeral flowers online is easy. Simply choose a style, color scheme, and budget that's right for you. Not sure what to send? For the greatest impact at wakes, funerals, and memorials, larger fresh flower designs are usually best, especially if from a group, simply because of the importance of the event and the number of other floral pieces that may be there. But, you don't have to be extravagant. Smaller table arrangements, plants, and planters are also appropriate, especially from individual senders. Such items are also easier to transport for those family members who may wish to take something home. Whatever funeral arrangements you choose, remember to include a brief card message conveying your personal condolences and care. Below are some helpful and appropriate phrases to show how much you care.

Helpful Words of Sympathy

With Heartfelt Sympathy
Our Deepest Condolences
With Loving Memories of a Beautiful Life
Our Thoughts and Prayers are with You All

For more sympathy flower ideas, please see our Sympathy Gifts for the Home and Family Funeral Flowers Settings pages. You can find additional information at About Funeral Flowers, About Sympathy Flowers, and Interfaith Funeral Etiquette.

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