Bosses' Day Flowers

Bosses Day is Oct. 16

Our florist delivered gifts are available throughout the 49 Continental U.S. states and Canada to all locations served by local florists, with same-day delivery normally available in most areas Monday through Saturday on orders received by 11:00 am in the recipient's time zone (excluding holidays and peak floral periods). Otherwise, next-day delivery is the norm. For best results, please order one or more days in advance, if possible. Note that due to current supply chain disruptions, product substitutions of equal value may be necessary in some cases, some deliveries may be rescheduled by one day when necessary, and deliveries are NOT available in Hawaii. Volume discounts are available! For delivery in other countries, see International Flowers. Prices in U.S. dollars.

Fiery Lily and Roses Vase
Fiery Lily and Roses Vase #T0472
$99.95 as shown
Nature's Wonder Fall Bouquet
Nature's Wonder Fall Bouquet #TW455
$99.95 as shown
Graceful Grandeur Dozen Roses
Graceful Grandeur Dozen Roses #4810X
$89.95 as shown
Multicolor Roses Bowl
Multicolor Roses Bowl #0683T
$84.95 as shown
FTD® Color Craze Bouquet Deluxe
FTD® Color Craze Bouquet Deluxe #B015D
$84.95 as shown
This Magic Moment Rose Bouquet
This Magic Moment Rose Bouquet #T0661
$84.95 as shown
Pure Happiness Bouquet
Pure Happiness Bouquet #T1711
$84.95 as shown
Sunlit Meadow Autumn Vase
Sunlit Meadow Autumn Vase #T5641
$84.95 as shown
FTD® Always True Bouquet
FTD® Always True Bouquet #4966X
$79.95 as shown
Fall Brights Floral Bouquet
Fall Brights Floral Bouquet #TL062
$79.95 as shown
Blush Life Bouquet
Blush Life Bouquet #TV563
$79.95 as shown
Citrus Kissed Roses and More
Citrus Kissed Roses and More #TW423
$79.95 as shown
How Sweet It Is Bouquet Deluxe
How Sweet It Is Bouquet Deluxe #490DX
$74.95 as shown
Arrive In Style Bouquet
Arrive In Style Bouquet #T0552
$74.95 as shown
Peace Lily Plant
Peace Lily Plant #T1051
$74.95 as shown
Bright Smiles Bouquet
Bright Smiles Bouquet #T5561
$74.95 as shown
Morning Bright Flowers Bouquet
Morning Bright Flowers Bouquet #T5571
$74.95 as shown
FTD® Autumn Delight Bouquet Dlx
FTD® Autumn Delight Bouquet Dlx #B043D
$69.95 as shown
FTD® Sweet Moments Deluxe
FTD® Sweet Moments Deluxe #B401D
$69.95 as shown
Fall Flair
Fall Flair #WEB68
$69.95 as shown
FTD® Autumn Roads Bouquet
FTD® Autumn Roads Bouquet #5128X
$64.95 as shown
Teleflora® Country Pumpkin Bouquet
Teleflora® Country Pumpkin Bouquet #9H140
$64.95 as shown
Deluxe Indoor Flowering Plant
Deluxe Indoor Flowering Plant #P420X
$64.95 as shown
Deal of the Day Autumn Bouquet
Deal of the Day Autumn Bouquet #SPCA1
$64.95 as shown
Garden Parade Bouquet
Garden Parade Bouquet #T0411
$64.95 as shown
Uniquely Chic Flowers Bouquet
Uniquely Chic Flowers Bouquet #T0473
$64.95 as shown
Graceful Green Plants
Graceful Green Plants #T1154
$64.95 as shown
Gerbera Brights Bouquet
Gerbera Brights Bouquet #T1561
$64.95 as shown
Sunny Siesta Bouquet
Sunny Siesta Bouquet #T1573
$64.95 as shown
Warm Embrace Autumn Bouquet
Warm Embrace Autumn Bouquet #T5711
$64.95 as shown
Heat Wave Flowers Bouquet
Heat Wave Flowers Bouquet #TW424
$64.95 as shown
Bright Blossoms Bouquet
Bright Blossoms Bouquet #WEB10
$64.95 as shown
FTD® Basket of Dreams
FTD® Basket of Dreams #4856X
$59.95 as shown
Medium Planter Basket
Medium Planter Basket #P404X
$59.95 as shown
Seaside Oasis Bouquet
Seaside Oasis Bouquet #T1611
$59.95 as shown

Bosses Day was founded in 1958 by Patricia Bays Haroski as a time for employees to thank bosses for their help and support throughout the year. Her purpose was to recognize bosses for the challenges they face, as well foster more positive employee-supervisor relationships. Her inspiration was, of course, her boss -- who happened to be her father. The national holiday is officially on October 16th each year, but gifts and cards are appropriate all week, and when the 16th falls on a weekend the holiday is usually recognized on the closest Monday or Friday.

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