Family Funeral Flowers

These are just some of the beautiful settings and tributes that help families express their love at wakes, funerals, memorials, and other ceremonies. Most items can be added to or modified upon request and are available for delivery throughout the 50 U.S. states and Canada. For delivery in other countries, see our International Flowers.

For casket sprays and family funeral settings, please order at least 24 hours in advance to allow ample time for design and delivery. Keep in mind that while floral deliveries are NOT available on Sundays or legal holidays in most areas, they can be arranged for the day before if necessary. Items are individually made and available in a variety of price ranges, as indicated. Some items may vary. Applicable tax and service will be itemized in your Shopping Cart before you order. Prices in U.S. dollars. For additional assistance, please call and ask for a family sympathy flowers expert. To view a larger picture or place a secure order, click on a picture below.

FTDŽ Glorious Tribute Urn Arrangement
FTDŽ Glorious Tribute Urn Arrangement #5002X
$149.95 as shown
Garden Wreath Funeral Arrangement
Garden Wreath Funeral Arrangement #T2551
$149.95 as shown
Serenity Sympathy Flowers Spray
Serenity Sympathy Flowers Spray #TW535
$149.95 as shown
Serenity Sympathy Flowers Tribute
Serenity Sympathy Flowers Tribute #TW532
$144.95 as shown
Loving Remembrance Funeral Spray
Loving Remembrance Funeral Spray #1883T
$139.95 as shown
Deepest Condolences Spray
Deepest Condolences Spray #2077T
$139.95 as shown
TelefloraŽ Rose Remembrance Tribute
TelefloraŽ Rose Remembrance Tribute #T2212
$129.95 as shown
Yellow and White Sympathy Spray
Yellow and White Sympathy Spray #1881T
$124.95 as shown
FTDŽ Beautiful Spirit Arrangement
FTDŽ Beautiful Spirit Arrangement #4485X
$119.95 as shown
Heavenly Light Funeral Flowers Basket
Heavenly Light Funeral Flowers Basket #T2622
$119.95 as shown
Soft Sentiments Bouquet
Soft Sentiments Bouquet #T2734
$119.95 as shown
Gracious Lavender Sympathy Basket
Gracious Lavender Sympathy Basket #T2351
$109.95 as shown
Full Heart Red Roses Vase
Full Heart Red Roses Vase #T2553
$109.95 as shown
FTDŽ White Roses Bouquet
FTDŽ White Roses Bouquet #4308X
$89.95 as shown
Summer's Light Bouquet
Summer's Light Bouquet #T2662
$89.95 as shown
Glorious Memories Casket Garland
Glorious Memories Casket Garland #T2673
$84.95 as shown
Rose Reflection Casket Accent
Rose Reflection Casket Accent #T2592
$74.95 as shown
Devoted Heart Casket Accent
Devoted Heart Casket Accent #T2602
$74.95 as shown
Moonlit Walk Casket Accent
Moonlit Walk Casket Accent #T2633
$69.95 as shown
Dearest One Casket Accent
Dearest One Casket Accent #T2682
$69.95 as shown
With Affection Nosegay
With Affection Nosegay #T2733
$69.95 as shown

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