Sympathy Flowers

Each of these items is available for delivery throughout the 50 U.S. states and Canada to all locations served by professional local florists. To view a larger image or place a secure order, simply click on one of the pictures below. For delivery in other countries, see our International Flowers.

Same-day florist delivery is normally available in most areas Monday through Saturday on orders received before 12:00 noon weekdays, and 11:00 am Saturdays, in the recipient's time zone (excluding holidays and peak floral periods). Otherwise, next-day delivery is the norm. Due to COVID-19 and limited florists open in certtain areas, deliveries may not be possible to some facilities or may be delayed by one day in some locales, and product substitutions of equal value may be necessary.

Our flowers, plants, and gift baskets are individually made and available in a variety of price ranges from fancy large styles to more modest smaller styles, as indicated. Some items may vary. Applicable tax and service will be itemized in your Shopping Cart before you order. Volume discounts are available! Prices in U.S. dollars.

Serenity Sympathy Flowers Spray
Serenity Sympathy Flowers Spray #TW535
$144.95 as shown
Deepest Condolences Spray
Deepest Condolences Spray #2077T
$139.95 as shown
Serenity Sympathy Flowers Tribute
Serenity Sympathy Flowers Tribute #TW532
$139.95 as shown
Loving Roses Sympathy Tribute
Loving Roses Sympathy Tribute #TW550
$139.95 as shown
Loving Remembrance Funeral Spray
Loving Remembrance Funeral Spray #1883T
$129.95 as shown
Beautiful Whisper Bouquet
Beautiful Whisper Bouquet #T2371
$129.95 as shown
Pink Tribute Funeral Flowers Spray
Pink Tribute Funeral Flowers Spray #T2492
$129.95 as shown
TelefloraŽ Rose Remembrance Tribute
TelefloraŽ Rose Remembrance Tribute #T2212
$124.95 as shown
Hues Of Hope Sympathy Bouquet
Hues Of Hope Sympathy Bouquet #T2791
$124.95 as shown
Yellow and White Sympathy Spray
Yellow and White Sympathy Spray #1881T
$119.95 as shown
FTDŽ Greater Glory Basket Deluxe
FTDŽ Greater Glory Basket Deluxe #5027D
$119.95 as shown
Patriotic Floral Tribute Bouquet
Patriotic Floral Tribute Bouquet #T2822
$114.95 as shown
Eighteen Pink Roses Vase
Eighteen Pink Roses Vase #S131B
$109.95 as shown
Gracious Lavender Sympathy Basket
Gracious Lavender Sympathy Basket #T2351
$109.95 as shown
Joyful Memory Vased Arrangement
Joyful Memory Vased Arrangement #T2511
$109.95 as shown
Sweet Sincerity Sympathy Arrangement
Sweet Sincerity Sympathy Arrangement #T2581
$109.95 as shown
Glorious Grace Sympathy Arrangement
Glorious Grace Sympathy Arrangement #T2672
$109.95 as shown
Soft Sentiments Bouquet
Soft Sentiments Bouquet #T2734
$109.95 as shown
FTDŽ Lovely Tribute Bouquet
FTDŽ Lovely Tribute Bouquet #4482X
$99.95 as shown
Dreams From the Heart Bouquet
Dreams From the Heart Bouquet #T2081
$99.95 as shown
Your Light Shines Arrangement
Your Light Shines Arrangement #T2533
$99.95 as shown
Serene Reflections Bouquet
Serene Reflections Bouquet #T2651
$99.95 as shown
Love Everlasting Flowers Bouquet
Love Everlasting Flowers Bouquet #T2671
$99.95 as shown
Magnificent Mauves Bouquet
Magnificent Mauves Bouquet #T2816
$99.95 as shown
Beauty and Devotion Sympathy Basket
Beauty and Devotion Sympathy Basket #T5161
$99.95 as shown
FTDŽ Beautiful Spirit Arrangement
FTDŽ Beautiful Spirit Arrangement #4485X
$94.95 as shown
Love’s Tapestry Sympathy Tribute
Love’s Tapestry Sympathy Tribute #T2182
$94.95 as shown
Full Heart Red Roses Vase
Full Heart Red Roses Vase #T2553
$94.95 as shown
Heavenly Heights Sympathy Bouquet
Heavenly Heights Sympathy Bouquet #T2214
$84.95 as shown
Summer's Light Bouquet
Summer's Light Bouquet #T2662
$84.95 as shown
FTDŽ Wishes and Blessings Bouquet
FTDŽ Wishes and Blessings Bouquet #4491X
$79.95 as shown

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