Named for the rose that is this color, 'Black Baccara,' the Baccara Infusion dares to live with deep mysterious shades of red. Tempered with browns, it becomes a rich and sumptuous refuge. Here you find classical elements punctuating the neutral landscape, creating a classical elegance.

Marked by opulence and luxury, rich textures and layers of close burgundy related tones define this look. 'Black Magic,' 'Bull's Eye' and 'Black Baccara' roses are only a few rose varieties that create the feel. 'Sumatra' and 'Cobra' Oriental lilies provide not only the color but the scent. Callas and Cymbidium orchids imbue style while Celosia, Coral Bells, Amaranthus, Cone Flowers, Dahlias, Chocolate Cosmos, Coccinea and Kangaroo Paws provide texture. When these botanicals are mixed together, the end result is lush.

Reprinted by permission from California Cut Flower Commission.

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